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Yani Melendez


My name is  Yani Melendez  Founder of Yardley’s Naturals, I’m a Medical Cannabis practitioner (MCC Practitioner); I have been in the cannabis industry since 2012 and it has been applicable to my own medical journey.  I’m a seven time recovering cancer patient with PTSD, Anxiety, Insomnia, mass cell activation syndrome, IBS, Lupus, skin lupus and Fibromyalgia. I have experience Cannabis first hand and believes it has improve my way of life. 


I have 40 years professional sales, bookkeeping, administration and technical experience decided to leave that field to focus on my health and to educate myself on holistic wellness. In 2012 I started to study cannabis at the Medical Cannabis Caregivers required under the California Medical Marijuana Program. I work for a collective as controller my duties included finances, managing and assisting to educating the staff on the benefits of cannabis, the different strains and methods cannabis would be beneficial for patients and how it has helped me.


I have completed the MCC Practitioner program. As a MCC Practitioner we have hands-on experience in working with clients and documenting and reports on the efficacy of the CBD products. As a Practitioner we introduce a wide variety of pharmaceutical grade cannabis products including capsules, ointments, suppositories, and oral sprays. 


The collection of data is the cornerstone to the MCC Practitioners,  Documenting the clients report on the efficacy of the products. 


Yani has over seven years of medical cannabis experience. She is here to assist clients with their quality of life to introduce educate and provide the right resources of this amazing hemp/cannabis plant, to anyone who has medical issues and are looking for an alternative solution. As a train medical cannabis practitioner we can provide the clients with the necessary guidance and products needed to accomplish their needs.



Yani Melendez

MCC Practitioner

LA # 310-994-4078



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