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Susan Cadagan

My name is Susan Cadigan. I’m a long term survivor of a rare and aggressive blood cancer that first struck in 1996 when I was 36 years young, a single mom working three jobs with two little children. Looking at the first experience as a blessing in disguise, it’s during the first battle where I met a significant, spectacular human who saw that  I was on my own, in a rock and a hard place and was not going to let go until. I healed. We laughed often. Even at the darkest and most intense times…we found ways to laugh. This energy, the deep focus on positive vibes, positive visualizations truly worked. We found that if one listens, gets quiet and pauses to clear the heart and soul of darkness and fear… we strengthen. This includes, eating simple, nourishing one’s soul and balancing Ki/Chi through gentle movements created to help stagnation and open healing pathways. I often have acupuncture and do simple qigong. After surviving the first two cancers, I lived with so much fatigue and pain. Wanting to understand and recover, I became a body worker. My first job was in a hospital. I was hoping to bring comfort to patients with my understanding of pain and the pathway to healing.

To be continued!

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