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Sheri Rimes

Sheri The Organic Pet Lady has loved animals since she was just a little girl of 3 years old when her Dad brought home a German Shepherd Puppy! At the age of 5, she was catching loose bird dogs and horses from the neighbors and became “horse crazy” after riding an all white “Tennessee Walking Horse” that looked just like Silver from the Lone Ranger TV show, right down to the black and silver saddle, breast collar and bridle. This grew into a passion for studying every book she could get her hands on from a young age!


Throughout her troubled childhood and teen years, animals played a large part in her life of helping to comfort her. After a rough patch in her teenage years, she was given the opportunity to experience riding lessons, and learning how to train horses and showing horses in Western Equitation and Western Pleasure.


After High School, Sheri ended up on the streets. After some very rough times, at age 19, Sheri learned how to DJ at the local Holiday Inn. At 20, she became the first lady Video DJ in Atchison Kansas, then at 21, the Ramada Inn, St. Joseph MO and then working in Kansas City Mo. All the while, Sheri was working toward a career in Live and Studio Sound Reinforcement, Stage Lighting and Production and ultimately ended up on the West Coast in the late 80’s landing a job at Filthy McNasty’s club, FM STATION LIVE in North Hollywood where she worked with the WHO’S WHO in many facets of music in all the jobs of music production, rock star babysitting, security, and hospitality! Sheri also had opportunities to model and to act in some campy B films, as well as assist the Producer/Director in typing scripts! Life in the Fast Lane!


Sheri retired from the Entertainment Industry in 1995, after getting saved in a biker church. She started volunteering at a horse rescue in Southern California, and fell in love with helping hurting horses heal and to learn to trust again. However, at that time, she discovered she was pregnant and would be a single mother. 


After returning to her home state of Ohio, after graduating college as a Medical Massage Therapist, she chose to follow in her family's footsteps becoming an Entrepreneur in 1998, in order to raise her son. She began a research and development project, “Heavenly Horse and Dog Treats” and jumped right in to studying Equine and Canine Nutrition! The project became a business plan and it was the first time anyone was ever allowed to start their own business for the Welfare to Work program in Ohio.


In 2003, Sheri and her son moved to the country! She started caring for unwanted, feral and semi feral cats and SAVE THE KITTIES was created to Trap, Neuter/Spay, and Release and to manage the many cats discarded out in the country. 


In 2005, Sheri started, "The Organic Pet", Premium Organic Special Diet Snacks for Horses, Dogs and Cats.  

With a team of highly respected Veterinarians, Nutritionists, Biochemists and a desire to help animals with food sensitivities and other health issues like insulin resistance and colic, Sheri worked very hard to grow her business to be successful and to be an example to her young son. She also rescued some German Shepherd dogs! She rehabbed and trained them to wellness


In 2007, after 7 years of volunteering in "The Light Horse Brigade" at “Lake Farm Park”, educating the public about draft and light horses, performing in musical breed presentations in costume with the Arabian, Icelandic and American Paint Horse, she saved a 22 year old senior Arabian horse named, Alleluia Prince, from the slaughter truck. "Ransom Ranch" began, but 14 months later, on June 4th 2008, Prince was tragically injured by the boarding facility and had to be humanely euthanized. 


Devastated, Sheri took a break from horses and concentrated on The Organic Pet, but in December of 2008, Sheri was attacked by a young adult MRDD client and the vaccines required made her very ill, leading to several auto-immune diseases. Sheri lost her business and almost her life multiple times.


Fast forward to 2011: You can’t keep a good woman down…After being so ill and bed bound for a lengthy period of time, Sheri had the opportunity to create, “Pet Prep Radio Show” and in December of 2011 from her sickbed, she was interviewed by DR PREPPER radio podcast was given my own show a week later that also aired on the “Preparedness Radio Network” and “American Prepper’s Radio Network” until 2016. 


Continuing health problems plagued her. Then, in April of 2016, tragedy struck. In one week’s time, Sheri’s former boss passed away who was like a father to her, her mother died suddenly 3 days later and just 14 hours after her Mom died, her baby brother committed suicide with a firearm. Sheri and her son found him.Their lives changed forever. To honor her family, The Organic Pet Animal Sanctuary & Education Foundation became a 501c3 in 2017. The ROCK4LIFE anti-suicide program was born out of love for her friend Teddy Days who also left via suicide and her baby brother Geo. 


Sheri has expertise in animal nutrition, rehabilitation, alternative health, healing and training. Having survived a troubled youth, hard core young adult life, and 16 years of severe health and disability challenges, Sheri has a unique skill set to help hurting animals and people to overcome theirs through perseverance and faith. 


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