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Shelley Bates

Meet Shelley Bates, a seasoned professional with a diverse background in photography, film production, post-production, and the medical field. With over 20 years in film and TV productions, followed by 12 years in post-production, Shelley has led film crews, project management teams, facilitated communication with offload facilities, and actively participated in process development both domestically and internationally She brings a wealth of skills and experiences to every role she undertakes.


Now as the owner and operator of Shelley Bates Wellness, LLC (since 2015), she has committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others. Using this business as a platform for change, she educates and inspires people to change their beliefs about what is good health, aging naturally and beautifully, and achieving success. Her coaching services extend to guiding clients on techniques for managing pain, health, and physical issues utilizing various methods including plant medicine. Shelley provides valuable support in goal setting and follow-through for success. Other ventures include the creation and manufacturing of vegan food products for local stores and vendors, developing and teaching a program on growing medical cannabis, while maintaining and providing consulting services, for a commercial cannabis grow. 


Educationally, Shelley has continually invested in her skills. She holds certifications in Cannabis education, Medical Cannabis practice, and Health and Wellness coaching.  Her academic journey also includes being an EMT-B Certified Emergency Medical Technician. Shelley is associated with various professional organizations, including the International Photographer Guild and Toastmasters International.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Shelley always actively engaged in volunteer work, including volunteering in a mental health facility working with patients in occupational therapy specifically teaching orchid cultivation, volunteering in a hospital in Cambodia, and participating in data collection in an orangutan research facility in Borneo, Indonesia. 


Her recreational pursuits include marathon running, cycling, yoga, martial arts, horse show jumping, and polo.


Her own experience with addiction, food, and obesity has led her to a deeper understanding of the importance of health and wellness. So, ultimately, her goal is to improve the lives of those around her both physically, mentally, and spiritually, providing education, building a client base, and focusing on her clients’ needs and desires. For more information or to contact Shelley, please go to her website.

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