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Richard McCuen

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Richard Stanton McCuen, born January  1971. Richard grew up in a military structured family. Richard attended school in Homestead, Florida at South Dade Sr. High School. Richard was part of the swim team. 


Richard’s used his discipline from military life to excel in swimming. During his Junior and Sophomore years Richard was hand selected to also swim with and elite swim team, the Stingrays at Miami Dade Community College.


After school Richard joined the United States Marines. He attended boot camp at Parris Island South Carolina. After boot camp Richard was assigned to Third Battalion Fourth Marines in Twenty-Nine Palms, California at the Marine Air Ground Combat Center. Richard was an Expert Marksman. He served two tours oversees in Okinawa, Japan. He was Honorably discharged from the Marines in April 2002.


Richard currently resides in Visalia, California and has raised two wonderful boys who want to follow his footsteps in becoming United States Marines.  Richard has a big heart and is always finding ways to help others in need. Richard belongs to, American Veterans Post 56 in Tulare California. He is currently working in helping with spreading the word on suicide prevention, PTSD, and providing Veterans and their families with the right tools in overcoming adversity Veterans face today.


Richard began his career with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department on Nov.  2007, he Retired in June of 2017 He was a vital member of the Search and Rescue Team and has assisted in several searches that has successfully returned missing persons home safely to their loved ones. Richard was selected for Winter Operations Search Management Course ran by the California Emergency Management Agency Law Enforcement Division. Richard has assisted other Law Enforcement agencies throughout California in Searches ranging from missing hikers, river rescues, and Helicopter insertions. 


Currently working on


Richard created "Irishihadcbd" due to having a brain injury from being a Sheriff, he was left with life altering injuries. CBD helped re store his Flattened pituitary gland from trauma suffered as a Sheriff. It is the master gland in the body. All his organs were shutting down. CBD helped restore the damage cognitively through CBD oil. After a month of taking CBD his Pituitary gland was active Drs. informed him. 


Understanding our bodies produce CBD, is why Drs. tell woman to breast feed their babies. CBD1 and CBD2 Receptors within the body and Brain make up your ECS (Endo Cannabinoid System). We are bringing you the finest CBD Oil and ways to help cope with stress and anxiety.

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