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Pitta – The Energy of Digestion and Metabolism

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

In our first blog, we discussed a brief overview about Ayurveda. We will further explore the

important energy Principals. Ayurveda holds the idea there are three energy principals which

are found in all living things. Together all three of these principals, when applied correctly, help

the body and mind stay in balance. Of course, it is important to learn and understand how they

work. In this blog we will explore Pitta the energy of digestion and metabolism.


Balance is health; imbalance is sickness and understanding the balance is how one maintains a

heathy body. That is, the balance of the three energies. Pitta has mainly to do with the energy

used in the metabolic system of the body, it controls digestion, absorption, and body

temperature. The energy in Pitta also affects hormones which is why it’s considered to be


Deeper Dive: Ayurveda teaches each person has a unique constitution, they generally fall under one of three main types — vata, kapha, and pitta — based on their body type, personality, and sensitivities. Pitta shares many qualities of fire. For instance, Pitta dominants are sharp, penetrating, and radiant with their ideas and intelligence. It is important for them to control agitation and temper. Pitta people must be aware of their thirst quench, activity, and diet. Body temperature must be regulated to avoid imbalance. Good Pitta qualities are comprehension, highly motivated, goal-oriented, and competitive. Important Keys: There are general guidelines to maintain Pitta balance. Diet – emphasis on cool foods, moderate or low consumption of chilies and spices, seek balance in sweets and bitter food tastes, eat grains, drink plenty of liquids Temperature – seek cool climates, exercise during the coolest parts of the day, avoid direct sunlight during the hot months Lifestyle – get involved in leadership, organize, and implement plans; eat moderate to low meat, salt, and egg; avoid coffee, alcohol, and tobacco; wear loose-fitting clothing in both summer and winter. Wrap up: Pitta types can be well-structured, manage projects well, and have strong concentration. They seek to stay active. They enjoy bright and well-ventilated workplaces. Pitta types love to exercise outdoors and enjoy measuring their skills with others to stay competitive. For those unfamiliar with this ancient knowledge, it is urged to explore and adopt many of the principals into your own life and experience the many benefits Ayurveda offers.


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