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Create an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Living Space

by Emma Croft of

The outdoor living space at your home is one you should be able to take pride in. Many

homeowners want this area to be beautiful. It’s possible to accomplish that goal while still

protecting the environment.

Making small changes to your home’s outdoor living space can add instant beauty. As

you’re planning the changes you want to make, consider how they impact the ecology of

the area. From Healthy Living, here are some ideas and tips to keep in mind.

Have Your Property Inspected to Get Ideas

Having a professional inspect the space and help you learn about the options you have for it

may be beneficial. Contact a landscaper that specializes in eco-friendly design and can show

you what you can do to help the environment in your own yard. Remember that you don’t

have to do everything they suggest—you can pick and choose the changes you feel

comfortable with that you think will benefit your backyard living space. Conserving water

and providing a safe haven for wildlife are two things to remember.

You’ll also want to learn which garden visitors are pests that can harm your plant life and

which can be hosted there. Use online resources to understand common problems in your area,

how to spot them, and how to protect your plants from them without harmful pesticides.

Determine the Changes You Want to Make

Even if you aren’t ready to completely renovate your outdoor living space, you can still

make smaller changes. Choose plants that don’t need a lot of water, which are sometimes

marketed as drought-tolerant plants. You can also add mulch and let the yard’s grass grow

a little longer to aid conservation. Adding a rainwater harvesting system to the yard is

another option.

Some changes you make can also help you save money. Fix any leaks from

the outdoor spigots and ensure there aren’t any holes in your water hose. Check the

irrigation system or sprinklers to make sure they aren’t spraying areas that don’t need

water. Be sure to look them over to spot any possible leaks, and take the time to replace or

repair any components that aren't working optimally.

Use Your Space for a Green Business

If you love being outdoors and want to support our planet better, consider starting an eco-

friendly business in your outdoor living space. There are many options, from

becoming a worm farmer to selling organic produce at a local farmer’s market. So look

into your options and choose one that fits your space and lifestyle.

Work to Conserve Wildlife

Living an eco-friendly life starts at home, so making changes there can positively impact the world. Learning how you can help to protect wildlife and preserve precious

environmental resources is critical. These tips are just a starting point; use them as a first

step towards more excellent care and stewardship for wildlife and the environment.

For more great resources on clean and healthy practices, visit Healthy Living!


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