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Isabel Kirschner

My name is Isabel and I am the owner of Serenity Body & God’s Gift Botanicals based out of Rancho Cucamonga.  I received my training for CIH by Liz McDuffy.  I am a Complementary and Integrative Health Practitioner protected by the Health Freedom Acts. These Acts exempt non-licensed practitioners from the violation of any licensing law related to Health Care Services provided, I comply with a list of things I can and cannot do. I am not a licensed doctor, and my services are alternative or complementary to Healing Arts Services, my services are not licensed by the state.

In my treatment room, I offer an Ayurvedic service called Shirodhara.  In Ayurveda, there is a close connection between our body and our mind.  Shirodhara is undoubtedly the most popular treatment that the holistic health system of Ayurveda offers in the modern world.


The education and training I received was done through Primo Learn an online Ayurveda Certification Course.  Started my Practice in Long Beach 2022 then relocated back to Rancho Cucamonga where I currently do all my services. 


I have been white labeling WCS products for over 6 years with my own online store along with educating and advocating Cannabinoid Therapy in senior communities, wellness events, gyms, animal shelters and wherever I can connect these wonderful products.  I started the Cannabis industry as a cultivator 8 years ago and became passionate about this healing plant’s benefits.  I later learned how to extract the properties from this plant to curate my own products, hence creating my own product line.  While I was on my journey of learning this plant I was married for 20 years when I was forced to curate a special oil, RSO, for my now late husband who succumbed to Cancer in 2019. I must say it brought him comfort, relief and appetite, not to mention some more time with his family.


All of my experience, from caregiving to curator to advocate to educator stemmed from a passion that I got from witnessing on a daily, clients who were so desperate to finally finding them relief. 


During the pandemic, 2021 was when I started Serenity Body to offer weight loss and body sculpting services meshing both businesses together. Incorporating CBD to the treatments to now offering the newest wellness service of Shirodhara. 

I am now so very excited to partner with WCS and share this wonderful service to all the representatives and soon host Wellness events at the Gardens of Hope so that we can bring a natural euphoric balance to our bodies.  I am also training this service for anyone who also has a treatment room and would love to offer this service.  I am available to answer any questions or if your interested in collaborating your own Wellness event.


May the Lords countenance be upon you…

Numbers 6:24-26


Isabel K.  BOOK HERE for your own Shirodhara session



phone: 909-368-1322  text available to rep’s      Single session discount link  =è Code: WCSOFFER10       Training discount link    =è Code: WCSCOURSEOFFER

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