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Georgia Wooldridge

Georgia born in Ohio in1931 

Moved to California in 1959 

Has two daughters 

Jennifer born in 1954 and Lisa born in 1959 

Georgia has always been interested in Healthy Living choices. She has taught herself about vitamins and supplements since the early 1970’s at 91 years young she takes almost zero! Big pHARMa drugs! The only one she takes is a rare occasional amlodipine, A mere 2mg dose. She controls her blood pressure with CBD and healthy food choices and Willow Creek Springs Going Down Blood pressure pills. Georgia still drives her own car and lives in a two story condo. She still shops for herself. Cleans her own home and takes care of her own needs. She attributes this to her healthy living life choices. She is glad to have Willow Creek Springs on her Healthy Living Team!

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