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Denise Cantin DO

Dr. Cantin is an Osteopathic Holistic Physician who attended University of Massachusetts Amherst for her BS and MS degrees. In 1984 she received her Doctor of Osteopathy from Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at North Texas State University.

Her Family Practice had been working extensively with musculoskeletal and other pain conditions. She became very ill in 1995 after contracting a virus and developed chronic myeloencephalopathy.  She was able to recover after 20 years using alternative medicine.

Dr. Cantin now practices cannabis medicine in Massachusetts assisting patients with; cancer, chronic pain, and numerous other conditions. She takes a holistic approach which includes: mental, physical, nutritional, and spiritual as well as natural pain relieving plants and energy medicine.

She believes that each person is responsible for their own health, and assists them in considering techniques, diets, and plants they may want to consider for improving their own health.

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