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Cheryl and Haylee Rose

About me and Hayley: Hayley has Lennox Gastaut Syndrome a severe rare form of childhood epilepsy. 

I have been involved in cannabis advocacy for 16 years this May. Focusing mainly on pediatric epilepsy. In 2008 My daughter Hayley became Canada's first federally approved pediatric patient at which time her namesake strain Hayleys Comet was first tested and found to be a 1:1 cbd:thc strain. 

In 2009 Hayleys scientist Dr. Paul Hornby, our family doctor and I had canna capsules approved for administration by staff in the public school system. 

In 2010, We were finally approved for administration of inhaled rescue vaped cannabis in the public school classroom.

Through the years we have been constantly fighting off lennox gastaut syndrome and its ever changing condition of deadly seizures, cognitive and physical delays and loss of skills.


after 15 years on medical cannabis neurologists finally found a pinpointed area where seizures were coming from, unfortunately 4 of 9 seizures were shown to be completely invisible to the naked eye.

This prompted looking at and revising her medical plan again. This time we added in the metabolic ketogenic diet.

this diet worked wonders and finally we saw a clear eeg in 2021 and again in 2022. unfortunately Hayleys body was suffering from severe hypoglycemic and excessive ketosis causing life threatening events and destabilization of her diet.

With the clear eeg and glucose dropping below 3,  and drifting into a diabetic like coma state, thousands of ml and gram of carbohydrates were given just to give the minimal relief and the diet ratio had to continuously be decreased inorder to help manage the extreme glucose drops. In 2021 and 2022 a listserv of over 400+ ketogenic dietitians and doctors, endocrinology team, and neurology team were unable to solve or provide a sustainable or even a consistent solution for these events.

March 27,2023, Hayley began consuming Dr. Courtneys prescription of raw cannabis, due to the restrictions of the diet and lack of nutritional analysis available Hayley was only able to consume 1/4 of the prescription.

Within 41 days the hypoglycemia events had considerably reduced and hayleys body was stabilizing. Unfortunately Hayley still requires her full prescription, and as we enter year 2 of dietary essential raw cannabis food source we will be diving deep into her full prescription and cannabis microgreens.

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